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PERPAY HRMS, developed by Netcom Information Systems Limited, is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System that brings greater organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities.

Netcom Information System Limited has been developing and enhancing its Human Resources Management System since 1994 to meet the ever changing needs of the human resource professionals in enterprises.

PERPAY HRMS provides for easy and accurate retrieval of employee information through menu driven, user-friendly operations. The Perpay HRMS has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of Management in an organization. The system facilitates HR Planning, Development, Monitoring, and management of daily Activities HR department.

PERPAY HRMS improves performance and accountability, by providing a matrix of intelligent processes and a structured work flow to accomplish Strategic Goals.

PERPAY HRMS is a fully web based Human Resource Management System that has evolved over the years , incorporating new technologies and features to meet the constant changes in technology and the HR world.

Our constant concerns have been that of end users access to their information to view and and update where need be All this has been done through a simple, user-friendly interface, which makes PERPAY HRMS easy to use and implement. Perpay Functionalities We offer a comprehensive line of scalable, HR and Payroll solutions that meet the unique needs of organisations of any size and type. It can virtually run on any operating system and allows users to keep unlimited years online.

Available Modules include:

System Requirements
Developmentand deployment technology
The system is developed in Oracle technology. It can operateon all database version ranging from Enterprise edition, Standard Edition Standard one edition and XE edition . The choice ofdatabase edition will depend on the modules selected by the client.
The system is deployed on the WEB using Oracle applicationserver
Hardware Requirements
The hardware requirement will be dictated by theoptions selected but optimally the system will run on two server mid rangeserver , one hosting the database and the other hosting the application server